Bringing the outside in…

As the days are staying light for longer with some sunshine making an appearance too, plants are starting to come back to life with leaves and blossom rapidly sprouting and birds busy nesting, all of which makes us feel like Winter is on its way out. (Fingers crossed!!)

Nature is waking up in all its splendour, and it’s easy to bring some of this Spring exuberance into your home by using one or more of the wildlife inspired items on sale in shops at the moment.

There are the obvious floral and foliage designs such as this Henry Holland rug from Habitat or these screenprinted leaf lampshades available from  but if animals and birds are more your thing, there are plenty of designs to suit you too.

Add a small touch of nature with this quirky bird egg cup from or make more of a statement with a lampshade available from in squirrel and dove wallpaper by iconic company Sanderson.  Whichever trend you decide on (or maybe you’ll mix a bit of both!) Spring is finally here both outside and inside!

Have fun creating your very own nature trail!…

Love HemLiv xx


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