Bright and light…

This week we’ve been focusing more on “housekeeping” or I suppose you could call it “Spring cleaning”!  We’ve been putting together our schedule of work for the Summer and one aspect of this is that the website ( is due for a re-vamp.  With this in mind, we’ve been doing some photo shoots as part of the process – watch this space to see the end results…

Among all this admin though, it’s great to be able to do something creative too and to that end we’ve got two new textile prints that we think will sit nicely in the popular colour scheme of brights and whites.  Avoid off-whites and creams for this scheme as it’s a pure white shade that will show the brights off to their best advantage. An all white scheme creates a fabulous backdrop for introducing pops of colour with textiles, pictures and lighting.

If you don’t want to commit to an all white scheme, perhaps invest in a white sofa and add bright cushions or throws to get the same effect but on a smaller scale.  Or crisp white bed linen with pillows and table lamps to add a burst of colour – the possibilities are endless and ever-changeable.

Make us feel like Summer’s on its way but, for the moment at least, it’s back to “housekeeping” for us!…

More soon,

Love HemLiv xx


Bringing the outside in…

As the days are staying light for longer with some sunshine making an appearance too, plants are starting to come back to life with leaves and blossom rapidly sprouting and birds busy nesting, all of which makes us feel like Winter is on its way out. (Fingers crossed!!)

Nature is waking up in all its splendour, and it’s easy to bring some of this Spring exuberance into your home by using one or more of the wildlife inspired items on sale in shops at the moment.

There are the obvious floral and foliage designs such as this Henry Holland rug from Habitat or these screenprinted leaf lampshades available from  but if animals and birds are more your thing, there are plenty of designs to suit you too.

Add a small touch of nature with this quirky bird egg cup from or make more of a statement with a lampshade available from in squirrel and dove wallpaper by iconic company Sanderson.  Whichever trend you decide on (or maybe you’ll mix a bit of both!) Spring is finally here both outside and inside!

Have fun creating your very own nature trail!…

Love HemLiv xx


A bit of “zing” for Spring!…

At this time of year the weather can be unpredictable, to say the least, and we find ourselves longing for a bit more sunshine and a little less grey.  Of course an easy way to bring a glow into your life (short of jetting off to the Bahamas!!) is to introduce some uplifting colour to your home through paint, textiles and print as seen below.

Spearmint and Aqua room

This lovely combination of spearmint and aqua has a fresh, clean feel which is a welcome relief after the dull days of Winter.  Add a touch of chartreuse yellow or lime to really make the room zing!

White frames for pictures and other white accessories such as vases or furniture such as coffee tables  will “pop” against this backdrop and give a modern vibe to your room.  The thought of all those lovely colours is making us feel happier already – whatever the weather may throw at us!!

Until next time,

Love HemLiv xx


Finishing the job…

It’s very satisfying when you finish, or get very close to finishing, a home project and that’s how we feel with our kitchen diner.

Finally it feels like the scheme is coming together, with a palette of soft blues and greys finished off with touches of coral and copper all of which are echoed in the large Venice pictures on the wall.

Sometimes though, finishing a project is the hardest thing to do!  You start off, full of enthusiasm, with paint charts, a Pintrest account and a general idea of how you want the finished room to look  and, once the main areas have been completed (usually quite quickly!) to your satisfaction, then work slows to a trickle while you research finishing touches.

Because actually, finishing touches are what make a room scheme come together. Whether it’s a statement picture, a collection of cushions or a favorite rug or lampshade those are the things that bring your room to life and make it your own.

We’re almost there now, with maybe a coral throw on the arm of the sofa and a rug on the floor.  We are loving this one (above) called Celestial by Modern Rugs UK with its painterly feel and the mix of colours – gorgeous! Also rather taken with these Birch Bark Vases found at Not on The High Street to add a bit of texture to our scheme.

Room sorted!! Think we need to try out that comfy corner with a hot drink and a delicious piece of cake while we sit back and admire our handiwork! Not for too long though as we have the rest of the house to do!

Where did I put those paint charts?…

Love HemLiv xx


Blue sky thinking…

Follow my blog with BloglovinWith storm Doris raging across the country as we type, we’re trying to focus on happier things which set us thinking about summer sunshine and outside living. (Much imagination needed here!!)

Gorgeous shades of blue conjure up thoughts of idyllic days spent by the sea enjoying the warmth of the sun, outdoor picnics relaxing on deck chairs and cushions, balmy evenings watching the sun going down and socialising with friends. (Are you with us?!)

Contrast your relaxing blues with a shot of tropical pink (a popular accent colour at the moment) to really bring the feel of a hot summer ever closer. Florals team well with stripes and the graphic print of our Aztec fabric or, for a seaside feel closer to home our Coastal Cottages fabric is inspired by the Cornish resort of St Ives.

Back to the present time though and these shades of blue add an extra dimension to the popular greys and creams of the moment – go for pale tones to add an airy lightness to a room or go as dark as you dare for a more dramatic effect!

Happy decorating!

Love HemLiv xx

HemLiv on tour…

Last week HemLiv HQ went on tour for a few days, heading East towards the county of Suffolk. It’s somewhere we travel to fairly frequently as we have family living there and one of our favourite places to visit while we are there is the Snape Maltings.

The Maltings consist of a cluster of buildings situated on the River Alde which is best known for its concert hall but also house a collection of galleries, restaurants and shops, including an interiors/lifestyle store.  Whilst there, we came across this lovely display in various greens (Pantone colour of the year!) which we thought would look lovely teamed with our hand printed leaf cushion against a backdrop of “portland stone” walls and textural natural flooring to complete the look.

Carrying on with the green theme, we are trying out a few new ideas including these quirky fabric baskets which we think are a great storage solution for odds and ends.  These are prototypes for a potential new range, so still work in progress – watch this space to see how they develop!

Finally, although it was very cold while we were away (it even snowed!!) this week has seen some gloriously sunny days which make us feel like Spring is DEFINITELY on the way and here are a few more pictures taken at Snape Maltings that echo that feeling.

At times Winter seems a long way behind us, thankfully! Now, where did I put my sunglasses?…

Love HemLiv xx

Spring botanicals are on the way…

Before Christmas we were very excited to be collaborating with the fabulous local lifestyle store One Forty, supplying them with a selection of HemLiv goodies including our Stag cushions, pompom make-up bags and hand printed lavender bags.

Now, in 2017, we are pleased to say that our collaboration has continued with our multi-print draught excluders and doorstops which tap into the seasonal trend of “Spring botanicals”.

HemLiv doorstops and draught excluders on display at One Forty, Cranleigh

Mix textiles and patterns in sky blues, blossom pinks and crisp greens to create a fresh Spring feel in your home and team these with painted furniture and natural stoneware to complete a relaxed look.

At this time of year too, daffodils and tulips appear in florists in plentiful supply and for a relatively small amount of money these can be used throughout the house in a variety of containers to really bring the outside in.

Gorgeous! Now we just need a bit of sunshine!…

Fingers crossed.

Love HemLiv xx

Vibrant yellow rooms for Spring

Gloomy January has finished at last 🙂 and given way to rainy February! 😦

Seriously though, although the great British weather is doing what it does best, it is now staying lighter for longer and it feels very much as if Spring is just around the corner.  To capture that mood within your home introduce an uplifting feel using textiles and prints with a warm honey glow.  This warm shade of yellow adds sophistication to a room and looks great with the ever popular grey and blackened tones which on their own can look a little depressing at this time of year.


To create a more exotic look, team your yellow  with a rich rust, introduce Moroccan lanterns, sumptuous rugs and dream of being in sun drenched lands.

                                                                                                                                                                    Finally, a little reminder that Valentines Day is fast approaching, and if you feel that you want to steer clear of chocolate after an over-indulgent Christmas, we have the perfect heart-lavender-bagsolution for you!  Our popular hand printed lavender bag with pompoms now comes in this lovely red heart design just right for February 14th and has the added advantage of lasting all year round!!

What more could you ask for?

Love HemLiv xx

Have a HemLiv New Year!…

We’ve had an exciting start to our New Year by being featured in our local county magazine, Surrey Life, as part of their Designer Style series!

Woohoo!! *does a little jig*

They have focused on the print and design side of the business and the article really showcases what we do.  Thank you Surrey Life!!

Back to the day job and we’re loving the trend at the moment for pale blush pink and dark blue being used together.  Both of these colours feature on the Pantone Top 10 colours for Spring 2017.  Within that group they are listed as “Pale Dogwood” – a subtle pink whose soft touch infuses a healthy glow and “Lapis Blue” – a strong and intense shade of blue which conveys radiance and energy.

These colours together give a really cosy feel to a room and also work well with earthy browns and greys.  Layer up the textiles by adding luxurious velvets, warming furs and plush knits to create an individual and relaxed look.  Add the warm glow of candles and some metallic gold or coppery accessories to complete your scheme.  Finally relax and enjoy!

And with the temperature dropping outside and the night drawing in, the thought of snuggling up on the sofa with a hot drink and a good read is just too much to resist. Now where did that Surrey Life magazine go?…

Until next time,

Love HemLiv xx